Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pyjama Progress

Since my last post about making pyjamas, I have not actually worked on them at all which, amazingly, makes it really hard for them to actually get completed! So, while Jonathan took a nap today, I decided to put my Mother's Day gift to use and try to make some headway.

I am currently in the stage where you pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut it out. That sounds easy enough, but those folks from Simplicity have foiled me before, thus making me approach this step with caution. It actually wasn't too bad, but for the fact that I ended up pinning the fabric and pattern to the tablecloth. I even got two pieces cut out before my sister called and Jonathan got up from his nap. Here is the work in progress:

You can actually see the fabric here--won't they be cute??

For some reason, Bryan wanted to capture me actually DOING an arts and crafts project:

I would like to say I will complete cutting out the pieces tomorrow, but I am really not that ambitious. I'm aiming for Flag Day.

I SHOULD have had some great pictures today because we took Jonathan to Waterfront Park this morning. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera at home. They have this great water part where you can shoot water and water comes up from the ground and from above. Some of the water spouts are on a timer so they come on rather unexpectedly. This is the first time Jonathan played there this year and we definitely will be back. The park can get really crowded on nice summer days, but we went before ten this morning to miss both the heat and the crowd. Jonathan completely wore himself out and was dripping wet by the time we left, not to mention sandy, but we had a great time.

He also got a great haircut this afternoon that I tried to get a picture of, but between the lollipop he had for a snack, the Thomas videos and the balloon he got at Cookie Cutters, he absolutely would not hold still for a photograph. So this is the best I could do (please ignore the peanut butter face):

Does that face say I am one month away from being two years old or what??


Wendy said...

I loved waterfront park. It is both beautiful and fun!! great job on the pj's. The material is adorable. Getting to the cutting huh?? At least your getting it done, even if it is a little at a time!!

supermommysquared said...

SO CUTE!!! He is so grown up and I can see so much of you and Bryan in him. He is certainly going to be a handful as he grows up. You can see it in his eyes :)

Kara said...

I'm so proud of your cutting! Not much cutting or sewing has been going on at my house, but I am hopeful. When is flag day, again?