Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday--2008 Year End Edition

1. Arthur had an abscessed anal gland last week. He was really good on our trip to WV and now we know why. I had to wipe his behind Saturday night. Ick.

2. I received some really great Christmas gifts this year but these are two of my favorites. Thank you wonderful husband!

3. I am totally addicted to spinning. I would go every day if I had time. In fact, when Jonathan goes to WV again for a visit with my parents, I think that I WILL go every day. I can't explain it, I just love it. The new shoes and the Sigg water bottle make it that much better. I may venture into outdoor cycling come spring but I'm not sure if it will be as much fun when I'll have to face the elements.

4. One of the presents I received this year was this. In fact, I received two. Odd.

5. Jonathan received a gigantic fire truck, among approximately one million other things, from my sister this year. It shoots water because a remote control and sirens are not enough. Despite the fact that the package said it was for ages five and up, Jonathan is able to operate it like a pro.

6. Jonathan and I go to Walmart every Sunday for our weekly grocery shopping. This week, I almost peed myself in the cereal aisle when he pointed to a box of Fruit Loops and asked if he could have some "hoop-a-loops." The kid can say toucan but not Fruit Loops, go figure.

7. Why can I not remember to take my reusable shopping bags in with me during aforementioned trips to Walmart? I bought some super cute ones at Whole Foods, thinking I would put them in the trunk so they would always be with me. But I NEVER get them out of the car. Anyone have any ideas on how to get in the habit?

8. I think my MIL may have an addiction to QVC, an ailment that has not been at all helped by the fact that she was home bound due to a recent outpatient surgery.

9. Jonathan is spending the night at my MIL's tomorrow night and I am SO excited to have a child free New Year's Eve.

10. My birthday is nine days away. Wicked is in town and Bryan and I are going on my birthday. Not as adventurous as skydiving, but a lot less risky!

Happy New Year's to everyone! See you in 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Happiness

I took all of zero pictures during our family visit to WV. It was much like my blogging lately--sheer laziness. I'm making it one of my New Year's resolutions to try to do better.

One of my Christmas gifts from my sister, Laura, was a new camera. I am wanting to invest in a Rebel but, until then, the old 4 megapixel needed updating. The new camera was a Black Friday purchase and a HUGE improvement over the old one. Now if I can just improve my photo-taking skills...

I DID take pictures at our day after Christmas gathering at Bryan's parents' house. Jonathan and his cousin, Aiden, do not get to spend much time together. But when they do, both of them are pretty much in heaven. Seeing those boys play together makes me so happy. Even though I am pretty sure we are not going to have more children, my heart is warmed so much by their interaction that it reminds me of the value of having a sibling.

Bryan received the obligatory socks. His faux happiness would be convincing if I didn't know him so well.

As you can see from this shot, Bryan's Dad was totally into the holiday spirit:

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I can't believe it is over again for another year! It always goes by too quickly, particularly, it seems, when you have children.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thanks to Ginger and Kim, we've jumped on the Elf on a Shelf bandwagon and man, was that $30 ever worth it! All we have to do is threaten to tell the elf if Jonathan's bad and he begs us not to tell Brick, that he will be good. It's awesome.

Here is Jonathan checking out the new addition to our Christmas traditions:

The look on his face when he opened the box and saw the Elf was precious. I told him he needed to name the Elf and he thought about it for 2.3 seconds and then announced we would call him Brick. Bryan thought I was the influence behind the name in that he considered it a shout out to "Anchorman" but I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I have no idea where he came up with the name but I LOVE IT.

I let him touch Brick, at least until we got to the part in the story where we learned you are not supposed to touch the elf or it will ruin the magic. Oops.

Bryan's Mom had outpatient surgery on Wednesday this week, making it necessary for Bryan to spend the night at his parents' house the last two nights. It's been so helpful for my continuity-loving three year old to have searching the house for Brick when he gets up in the morning as a distraction. What's not to love about this precious little guy?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Every year, Jonathan and I go to WV to visit my family and Bryan stays in the 'ville and hangs out with his parents. This led my grandmother, the first year after Bryan and I were married, to question whether everything with our relationship was OK and it totally was--it's just how we roll. I enjoy a Black Friday extravaganza with my sisters and that is SO not Bryan so it's become somewhat of a tradition for us to split up for Thanksgiving.

Maybe it's the hunting?? This is my youngest sister's husband on Thanksgiving this year. I can't imagine why Bryan wouldn't want to participate in this Prince family tradition...

Jonathan was quite whiny this year. I'd like to think it was a product of the croup he was diagnosed with early in the week, but, unfortunately, I think it was more a product of the Terrible Threes that we seem to be in the midst of right now. The first picture was a farce...

Here is my dear, sweet, precious mother with the spatula she used to beat us with as children. OK, maybe I'm kidding. I'm sure she's purchased a new spatula since then.

Seriously, as always, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. Since Bryan was not present and he is the King of the Self Portrait, I offer the following. The giant cheek in the first one is my middle sister, Laura.

Priceless, is it not??