Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Great Reason Not To Work!!

Thanks to Janice and her super-nice comment about my kiddo on her blog, I have been tagged to do a "Two by Two" post. The rules are simple, just supply the answers in the appointed categories. Here goes:

Two Names You Go By:
1. Jennifer--I was born in 1978. My parents were not creative in the least as I had at least two other Jennifers in every class I was in all the way through school.
2. Mommy--My favorite! Even when I've heard it 2,406 times in a half hour time period, I still love that I have this title!

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Black Striped Knit J.Crew Dress. It's been in my wardrobe for an embarrassingly long time, but it is honestly the most comfortable thing I can acceptably wear to work.
2. Black Cardigan. It may be 90 outside, but my office is the Arctic.

Two Things You Want in a Relationship
1. Equality. I do not mind to do my part, but I want my partner to share equally in the workload.
2. Contentment. Bryan and I have been together for seven years and I still look forward to seeing him every day and spending time with him. There is nothing that makes me happier than to sit outside on nice summer nights, have a glass of wine and discuss what's in my head with him.

Two of Your Favorite Things to Do
1. Watch Jonathan experience new things.
2. Go on vacation, especially somewhere tropical!

Two Things You Want Very Badly at This Moment
1. Honda CR-V. I just need to keep reminding myself that I only have 10 payments left on my Civic...
2. A remodeled kitchen. This is actually inching towards becoming a reality, but I would KILL for a dishwasher.

Two Pets You Have or Had
1. Arthur, the neurotic chihuahua. Very stubborn and likes to pee on things, particularly Jonathan's things. He is the best snuggler, but only if it's his idea.
2. Alice, the sweet scaredy-cat chihuahua. She is a rescue from Chihuahua Rescue and Transport. She is pretty deaf and very skinny, despite our attempts to plump her up. She hides upstairs under our bed a lot, but she is a sweet girl and I am happy we are able to provide her with an abuse-free home.

Two People Who Will Fill This Out First
1. Heather. Probably not really, but I wish she would blog more because I miss her! Maybe this will inspire a new post!
2. Kara. She has been doing a really good job blogging on a regular basis and her posts crack me up, so I hope she will post her own "Two by Two."

Two Things You Did Last Night
1. Iced my cake for my second class. I'm taking the beginner's Wilton's course at Michaels.
2. Ate Taco Bell for dinner. After I finished doing all my "homework" for said Wilton's course, it was late and we were hungry. It was delicious!

Name Two Chores That You Do Not Like Doing
1. Dusting.
2. Dishes. Which is why it is particularly unfortunate that I do not have a dishwasher!

Two Things You Ate Today
1. Gorgonzola penne with chicken, mushrooms and green peppers.
2. Hershey's 100 calorie pack.

Two People You Talked to Last
1. One of my traffic clients
2. My assistant, Natalie

Two Things You are Doing Tomorrow
1. Going to Traffic Court
2. Calling my sister to wish her Happy Birthday

Two Favorite Holidays
1. July Fourth--I love fireworks and grilling out. Also, it's nice when it falls in the middle of the week, like this year. Nothing better than a mid-week day off work!
2. Thanksgiving--I love going to WV and visiting my family. The food is incredible and the day after shopping is great, too.

Two Favorite Beverages
1. Margaritas. Preferably while listening to Jimmy Buffett. It's cliche, but makes me happy regardless.
2. A nice bottle of red wine, such as a pinot noir.

Wow, that was really fun! And it took awhile, so just a smidgen of work left to do and I can go pick up Jonathan. Hope everyone is having a great day!!


Shana-Lynn said...

That was fun reading. Thanks for sharing! I will be back again soon. Also, my husband and I have been looking at those CRV's. They look super nice! I used to have a Civic and LOVED it, best car I have ever had and great on gas.

Janice said...

I used to have a civic too! Lasted for years!!! Thank you for doing the tag. I love reading all these and learning about other mommy bloggers out there. Glad I could give you a reason not to work (ha!).

Gotta love Taco Bell!

Kristen said...

Since Janice recommended I come over here and read your meme, I did. Those are fun to read.

We used to live next to a young person who played Jimmy Buffet every weekend in his backyard while drinking beers. In my opinion, a great way to spend a weekend! My husband and I love his songs. I wish I could see him in person!