Sunday, May 27, 2007

We Done Got Us an Above Ground Covered Pool!!

It is a hot and humid Memorial Day weekend here in the 'ville. This afternoon, Bryan decided we would do nakey bath phase two, this time planning ahead enough to fill the pool with water two hours in advance, thus making for a nice and toasty cleansing experience for Jonathan. The only problem was, however, that we have zero shade in our backyard and, as Jonathan was going to bathe at 2:30 p.m., shade was a must. After much discussion, Bryan came up with the ingenious idea to put the card table over the pool, not only creating a lot of shade, but also inventing a whole new play experience for Jonathan. As you can see, he had no trouble making himself at home:

Bryan, who was a precious lamb and did the yard work, enjoyed some relaxing time while Jonathan splashed in the pool:

Apparently, bathing is a tiring experience so he had to lay down:

And with that naked baby butt, I wish all of you a great Memorial Day weekend!!


supermommysquared said...

That kid of yours sure is cute, but you know that :) Bryan looks pooped, but it looks like Jonathan is having a blast!

Wendy said...

INGENIOUS!!! OKay every single one of those pictures gave me a chuckle. THat my friend, looks like you live in the 'ville. Just kidding. I can only say that because I once lived there, and I did breed one of the three kids there. (Ha, ha) I love those pics. My backyard has no shade either, but my kids are too tall for a card table. Maybe put it in a tuff shed? Any suggestions??

Janice said...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! What a smart hubby you have there! Who needs trees when you have a good old card table!

Happy Memorial Day!

Andrea said...

That is such a clever idea! I am going to have to remember that one. It looks like Jonathan had a great time!

Kimberly said...

Ok both this post and Andrea's absolutely CRACKED me up this morning! I like how your hubby is chilling with his feet propped up!