Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did Beckham Start Like This?

We got Jonathan's soccer pictures yesterday. Long story short, soccer has not turned out quite as I had hoped--we are now four games in and Jonathan is reluctant, at best. However, he makes a darn cute player:

The team picture is priceless. Our picture time was at 10:45 a.m., but it ran behind so we didn't get to the team picture until almost noon. All of the children were hungry, tired or a combination of the two. To the photographer's credit, he TRIED to get a decent picture but the kiddos were not cooperating. He pretty much gave up and this was the result:

I think we definitely need to concentrate on academics because, and I may be speaking prematurely, it doesn't look like we have a sports scholarship in our future:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six Quirks Tag

Thanks, Alicia, for tagging me! Maybe it will bring me out of blogging no-man's land!

Six quirks about me:

1. I will only eat flat chicken. I mean get-out-the-meat-tenderizer-and-pound-it-flat-as-a-pancake flat. Luckily I have a husband who indulges me on this one.

2. I HATE to exercise. I am so envious of people who like it and wish I could make myself feel the same way. I am making a bit of progress in that I am totally loving the Body Pump classes at the Y. There may be hope for me yet.

3. I have a recurring nightmare where Bryan leaves me. I have it A LOT and it's pretty much spanned the eight plus years of our relationship. It's not always the same facts but always the same result.

4. I remember what people like to eat. You eat lunch with me a few times, I'll remember what you do and do not like and pretty much be able to pick what you will order from the menu. This pertains to family, friends, co-workers, etc. It's a fun time to go to lunch with the other attorneys in my office and be able to tell any one of them what they ate the last time we were at that particular restaurant.

5. I have a photographic memory. Not down to every last detail but enough that it was VERY helpful when I was in school.

6. I'm a worrier. I like to portray myself as laid back and upbeat, and overall I am, but underneath it all runs a current of worry. I have several topics to ponder so fortunately I don't drive myself nuts worrying too much about any one subject.

And just because I haven't posted in FOREVER, a picture of Jonathan sweeping in the medieval kitchen of Art Sparks, the kids' area in the Speed Art Museum:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The First Game

Saturday was Jonathan's first soccer game. It was at eleven and the morning was cool and a bit dreary. Bryan and I have been reading a lot of The Pioneer Woman. One of the many reasons we enjoy it is her photography--she does a lot of progression shots. I am nowhere near the photographer that she is, but Bryan suggested I take a photo as we approached the Louisville Water Tower, our new soccer home until the end of October.

I was trying to get Jonathan psyched out in the car but it was not working:

His disposition improved once we were out of the car, though.

Some pre-game shots:

I'd like to say this next one is a Zen moment where Jonathan is concentrating on getting in the the soccer super-star mode, but, alas, it was pouty-face time. Right before I took this picture, he had his head resting on the ball. Eleven o'clock is definitely not our best time slot due to its close proximity to lunch and nap.

I'm sure Bryan would have preferred not to be in all the pictures, but, alas, Jonathan, like several of the other children, was not quite ready to brave the vast soccer field without a parent.

The games are super short and, before you knew it, it was snack time. Easily Jonathan's favorite part of the experience. The best I can say at this point is that it was not a complete failure, nor was it a complete success. He kicked the ball all of one time. Maybe that's good, though, because it's surely going to improve from there...right??