Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I have been a blogging slacker lately, so much so that I have hated to even do a new blog because it's embarrassing how far behind I have gotten. So, I am going to do a quick recap in this post and then (hopefully) will get back to posting in a more timely manner!

Jonathan at the Pegasus Parade. My parade pictures are horrid, so this is all you get. My mother in law and my nephew were supposed to go with us but Bryan's dad had a stroke the day before so, obviously, the parade did not make the agenda (he's doing OK). I would rather have skipped it than brave the crowd by myself, but we actually had a great time. And ate cotton candy--delish!

A couple of pics from the Derby party we attended. It was a great party up until the death of Eight Belles. So sad.

Do you believe that it was actually Bryan's idea to bust out the matching Father's Day shirts from last year? I still love them!

We went to Backyardigans Live on the Saturday before Mother's Day. Jonathan adored it, so much so that he cried when it was over. It was really good but for the fact that the characters' costumes did not have faces, meaning that you saw the faces of the actors. Jonathan did not seem to mind but it took me a bit to become acclimated to it. You were not allowed to take pictures inside, but here is one of us getting ready to leave the house:

My mother's day present (along with a GPS for my car). Thanks for the idea Kim--totally love it and now I am hooked on Etsy, too!

We had Bryan's family over for Mother's Day. I made a pansy cake because pansies are my mother in law's favorite. I also made cream cheese frosting and it was amazing. Horribly bad for you but simply heavenly!

Jonathan went to my parents' house the week before Memorial Day, thus the lack of more recent pictures. He was there for a solid week and my mother still had a hard time with him coming back! I love the fact that she is able to spend so much time with him!

This brings us to the present. Jonathan is back at school this week and finally seems to be over MOST of the two year old stubbornness and temper tantrums. If there is a three year old equivalent of that, please no one tell me as I would prefer to be in denial...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Derby Hat Parade

Jonathan's school holds an annual Derby Parade, one day before the actual Derby Festival sponsored Pegasus Parade. As I've mentioned before, we made a derby hat for the occasion as that was the mandated attire for the two year old set. I didn't have many pictures of the event until my mother in law was over for dinner on Mother's Day. She has a digital camera and a very large memory card. She will keep 500 pictures on there until Bryan uploads them for her. This is actually a good thing for me because I get access to her pictures.

Jonathan before the parade. The look on his face is one I see quite often now when I want to take a picture:

Here is a halfway decent picture of the two of us. This is a rarity!

And here is one of us with Nana. Isn't she cute?

After the parade, Jonathan, having absolutely no concept of time, thought it was time to go home. I had to go back to work but Nana was cajoled into taking him home for the day. The weather was really nice, allowing Jonathan and his cousin, Aiden, to play outside. I love this picture, the epitome of cooperation.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dancing in the Park

I just love that little kids have no inhibitions. You feel like you want to dance, you just do it! At the same art fair where made Jonathan's Derby hat, they had live music. Jonathan immediately responded, telling me he wanted to "see the music." It took him a minute to get into it:

Before long, he was dancing and getting Mommy and Daddy into the game. I felt dorky, but it certainly wasn't the first time :)

The great thing is that, throughout the summer, they have weekend concerts in this same location. Bryan and I love that sort of thing and I am happy that, at least preliminarily, Jonathan does, too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mamas's For Obama

Jonathan experienced his first taste of politics this evening as we stopped by Obama's Louisville headquarters on the way home. The energy was amazing and the place was packed--we ended up parking almost two blocks away! But it was totally worth it because now we have a yard signs and bumper stickers. And I am unabashedly using Jonathan for political propaganda! Who could resist that face??

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jonathan's Derby Hat

Jonathan's school did their annual Derby Parade this week. Our homework last weekend was to make a derby hat as that was the theme for the two year olds. Every year, the weekend before Derby, there is a great art fair, the Cherokee Art Fair. One of things that is really cool is the children's art tent. For $2, the kids can make all sorts of different crafts. Most notably for us, you could make a derby hat out of newspaper. The tent was really crowded so we got it started and brought it home for additional painting Sunday afternoon.

I bought flowers and ribbon to complete the look. I think Bryan would have preferred something more "manly" but I think it turned out pretty well!