Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's Ten


2. Jonathan requested to listen to "the Jackson song" this morning. Johnny Cash was a vast morning commute improvement over The Best of Spongebob CD that has been playing in my car for the last week. This song, though, is awesome.

3. Despite the overall disastrous results of fall soccer, Bryan and I have signed Jonathan up for spring soccer. I, for one, am not a glutton for punishment, so this can be quality Daddy/son time.

4. One of my sisters is competing with the other one to see who can send Jonathan the most stuff. Now every day when we get home, Jonathan runs to the front porch to see if there is a box there and is very disappointed if there is nothing.

5. I am sure that I do not want more children, as was confirmed by the fact that I felt no sadness in Ebaying/consigning a huge amount of Jonathan's baby items over the past few weeks.

6. Jonathan, my MIL and I are attending Elmo Makes Music on Saturday. It DOES make me sad that Jonathan has really outgrown Elmo and so this will likely be the last time I attend Sesame Street Live.

7. My assistant at work is filling in for another girl who is on vacation this week, meaning that my work is being done by others in the office. They are doing a perfectly good job, but I am a bit OCD and extremely particular about my stuff so I do not like the change.

8. I want someone to clean my house. Not everything, just dusting and the bathroom, mostly. Bryan has nixed this idea, but I wonder how long it would take him to realize that the dust was gone.

9. I bought these jeans last week and have worn them twice. They are seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever placed on my body. I want to go back and buy two more pairs but I need to wait until I can use my 20% off coupon next month.

10. Oh, and did I say GO CARDS??

Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Way to Start the Week!

Check out the hotness of Mr. JM, whose head graced the front page of our local newspaper yesterday. Despite the obvious adorableness of his head, both his mother and I didn't notice it was him!

And in other exciting news--GO CARDS!!! I just could not be happier that Louisville is a one seed, and the top one seed is icing on the cake.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for Ten

1. Mr. Jonathan's Mommy and I are running a 5K on Saturday. We walked one in December but this time we are running and I am SO EXCITED!

2. Our house was starting to be taken over by outgrown children's clothing, causing me to go into ar consignment/Ebay organization frenzy. It is a lot of work but I am hoping it pays off!

3. Jonathan has a disproportionate number of 12-18 month sized outgrown clothing. I don't remember him being that size for a really long time but maybe he was.

4. Jonathan has taken to getting up really early, as in before seven a.m., so Bryan decided to put a timer on the lamp in his room. We've told him that he can not call for us until the light comes on (it's set for just after seven). Despite the fact that I KNOW he understands this concept, he has, alternately, started screaming that the light is not on and/or that he is hungry. This resulted in termination of television privileges this morning; I hope that cures him.

5. My son has a new addiction. I am at a new motherhood low:

6. Yesterday in the mail, I received a 25% coupon off any regularly priced item at Coach. I want this. Think Bryan would notice??

7. I am not happy about the fact that my mother is not supportive of our decision to wait until 2011 to send Jonathan to kindergarten. I know it's not her decision but I still wish that she would agree.

8. Jonathan was accepted to the preschool program I wanted him enrolled in for the fall. It's a lot more structure than his current preschool environment and I'm so relieved to know he will be going there. It doesn't hurt that is also costs a few hundred dollars less a month.

9. I wish that people would stop walking around the Y locker room without a stitch of clothing on. There are towels there for a reason and no one needs to see your business flopping around.

10. I have a conference call in twenty minutes that will surely drag on the remainder of the workday. Ugh.