Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've fallen off the blogging wagon again but I've been taking pictures in an attempt to hop back on. Here's a quick recap of the past week or so; this should catch me up to the current date and then I can start from there, hopefully tomorrow!

Last Friday, I attended the Fiesta tent sale in Flatwoods, WV. It was nothing short of awesome. For an obnoxiously low price, I was able to get all new plates, serving dishes and glasses for our kitchen. Behold the happiness:

I am officially hooked and can not wait for the new color to come out in August--Lemongrass!

I returned home on Saturday afternoon in plenty of time to enjoy the nice weather over the weekend with Jonathan and Bryan. I did, however, miss Jonathan's soccer game, where he actually scored two goals. After the disaster that was the Fall 2008 soccer season, this is a small miracle!

Here's the soccer star himself getting ready to go outside and help us plant flowers. Even as his mother, I have to admit that he's looking a bit dorky here. (Sarah, if you are reading this--note the shine to his skin! Sunscreen will totally take care of that "matte" finish!)

Yesterday after work, I took Jonathan to get a much-needed haircut. He wanted a "buzz" so I had them use the clippers all over rather than just on the sides. He was quite pleased, as were both Bryan and myself:

(Side note: I SWEAR this child has 50 other shirts, but he has two Spongebob shirts that he wants to wear all the time unless I hide them. Getting him to wear something else is a battle that I do not wish to fight most mornings).

Tomorrow at Jonathan's school they are doing their annual parade in honor of the Kentucky Derby. Last year, as a two year old, he wore a hat. This year, as a preschooler, he got to make a "float." The suggestions were to use a stick pony, a bicycle, a wagon, etc. Ever creative, Jonathan chose his shopping cart. We decorated it this evening and here are the results (he insisted I photograph it from both sides):

On another front, the anti-smoking campaign is going quite well. Have their been snippy moments in our household? Yes. Are all items in the household, including ourselves, intact? Yes. I consider it a success thus far. I'm putting $4 aside each day in our checking account, said amount approximating the cost of one pack of cigarettes (even though I think it's actually closer to $5 per pack now). Only 12 days into this and we've saved almost $50!

That is all for now, my loves. I hope to return tomorrow with pictures from the parade. I'll leave you with a picture that I am in that I actually half-way like:


Bryan said...

All my pretty blue eyes are together in the last picture. Fruit sure didn't fall far from that tree. JBF

Shana-Lynn said...

Congrats you guys on doing so good with your anti-smoking. I am very proud of you guys!!! I know it's hard, my dad has tried several times...don't give up. Once you get through the rough patch, you'll feel so much better. It will be so worth it for you both and Jonathan!

Keep up the good work.

Is it Derby season again already...wow!!!???

Kimberly said...

I went to the tent sale on friday! I scored some awesome peacock chili bowls next to nothing! I wish i would have had more time, but i had the husband, kid, and dog with me.

Bryan said...
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Jonathan's Mommy said...

Kim--I was there on Friday, too! What time were you there? My mom goes every year and it's a whole event. Some of the people in that tent were nuts!

Kimberly said...

I was there around 4:30ish. People were going nuts!! I know a lot of them were buying stuff to resale.

Andrea said...

So jealous of all your fiestaware!