Sunday, May 3, 2009

Preschool Parade

I honestly do not know where the time went between my last post and today, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from the preschool Derby parade. Jonathan was horribly whiny that morning, such that I thought that his participation in the parade would be a disaster. Fortunately, I was wrong as his mood took a turn for the better while I squeezed in an hour of work before the parade started. Here he is waiting relatively patiently for the director to let his class leave the room to line up:

Jonathan and his friend Hudson waiting for the line to start moving:

A couple of action shots:

This cracked me up for some reason--caffeine is definitely NOT something that this kid needs:

I love this picture of Clover. She and Jonathan have been in the same class for the entire time he's been in school. She is an adorable little girl but her mother tells me that she is a handful! I'm loving the Hawaiian lei themed flowers:

The preschool shares property with a local business; the parade ends inside their building where three stories of people clap and cheer for the kids. Some of the children get really excited about the attention. Jonathan and his friend Aiden, not so much:

The parade has been so much fun each year. It's definitely of the of the things I will miss with our change to the new school!