Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sick Day :(

OK, so yesterday I blogged about "Mommy Confessions" and I think one of them may have come back to bite me in the butt, namely the one about not feeling guilty about my Mexican rendezvous with Bryan later this week.

So, Saturday, Jonathan was pretty crabby, even for an almost two year old, which I thought was a bit odd, but not unusual. It came around to dinner time, however, and I gave him his dinner (Tyson, thank you again!!) and touched his cheek in passing. He felt blazing hot but I wasn't too concerned because it was over 80 degrees here yesterday and we don't have the air running just yet. However, I decided to go ahead and take his temperature and was surprised to see it was around 102. Not good, particularly combined with the fact that he had a rash on his chest that was sort-of sand-papery. I immediately thought it could be strep since I just read through the symptoms after one of the other toddler's at Jonathan's school had a confirmed case of strep and they'd posted the symptoms on the door.

Anyway, I gave him some ibuprofen and checked on him a couple of times and he seemed OK. So he got up today, Sunday, and, although still crabby, he seemed better. No fever. I did, however, call a friend of ours to cancel a play date as I certainly didn't want to share anything with other kids. We did our usual Sunday grocery shopping and Jonathan didn't eat the cookie at Kroger. Major red flag as that kid has a MAJOR sweet tooth. We came home and he took a decent nap, then it was off to Stride Rite for sandals and then a trip to the park. All afternoon, he was still whiny and out of sorts. We got home late afternoon and at bath time, the rash was back. I took his temperature and it was almost 102 again. This was around five, so I gave him more ibuprofen and tried unsuccessfully to eat dinner. He was just completely zonked, so we put him to bed just after six.

So now I'm totally worried that he has strep or something worse, and I feel horribly guilty about NOT feeling guilty about our trip earlier this week. I know that sounds a bit neurotic, but isn't that how the whole mommy guilt thing works?? So I called my mother in law Pat (who is a complete saint, BTW) to see if she could come over tomorrow morning because both Bryan and I have work obligations in the morning that are unavoidable. Insert more guilt here. I am hoping, however, that I can get my 9:00 am idiot criminal defendant to take the plea that he's needed to take for four months now so I can get out of there and meet Pat at the doctor's office around 9:30 a.m.

Needless to say, definitely not the best weekend, but I know that even if it's just a virus, there is no way I can go anywhere this week without some sort of reassurance from the doctor. I wish it were tomorrow morning already since it's early evening now and the morning seems forever away...


supermommysquared said...

I am sure that he is going to be fine. Both sets of grandparents love him bunches and will take very good care of him. Heck, if your mom is watching him, she will most likely enjoy taking care of him more if he is under the weather because he will be even more snuggly :) You are a spectacular mommy and Jonathan knows that!

Janice said...

So sorry that Jonathan's not feeling well. Doesn't it always happen on the weekends when you can't bug the doctor about it? Ava still has the runs and we still ended up taking them to the park yesterday, which of course gave me such a horrible guilt trip afterwards.

Hopefully whatever Jonathan has will go away soon. Feel better, little guy!