Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Howdy all! I finally remembered that it's Tuesday in time to do a list of ten. I am immeasurably excited as my life has been pretty uneventful lately.

1. Jonathan and I met Bryan at the mall to get Jonathan new shoes and then to have dinner. I am lucky enough to not have to drive the interstate on a regular basis. Therefore, today I was perplexed at how it rains two drops and traffic travels at a pace that would be reasonable only under blizzard conditions.

2. While buying aforementioned shoes, why did my son have two melt downs, one while his foot was being measured and the second when the super nice shoe lady put his old shoes in the box? It was horribly embarrassing and frustrating simultaneously. We did, however, buy these, and that makes me so much happier than the Thomas light up shoes he was heretofore sporting.

3. Potty training has been going really well. However, on Saturday, while we were at Joe and Cindy's house and Jonathan was upstairs playing with their daughter Lily, Jonathan got really involved in playing and, next thing I knew, he was screaming for me to come upstairs. He'd number two-ed in his pants, with the explanation being that "it just fell out." Seriously, how does that happen?

4. I am obscenely excited about our October trip to the Mayan Riveria. A full seven days and seven nights of child-free adult activity. This is where we are staying. The countdown on my Google homepage says it's only 76 more days. Woo hoo!

5. I am making this for dinner tomorrow night. Even though I just ate dinner, looking at that food makes me hungry.

6. I tried to resist reading The Pioneer Woman for some time because she already has so many readers but then I DID read it and now I understand why--it's really well written and interesting!

7. As of yesterday, I finally joined Facebook. I love it.

8. I am currently obsessed with my Nintendo DS. I've had it for going on two years but really got back into playing it the last few weeks, thanks to my sister's glorious gift of Guitar Hero On Tour.

9. I almost cried with happiness yesterday when my People arrived in the mail with the pictures of the Joile-Pitt twins. I'm not a big Brangelina fan, but I could not wait to see those pictures. It was 19 pages of sheer bliss.

10. I DID get teared up today when I was listening to Jimmy Buffett and realized it will be months and months before I get to unleash my inner Parrothead again. Heather, we need to go more than once next year!

And because even a Ten on Tuesday post needs a picture, here is one of Jonathan from his zoo birthday party. The kid is a complete stinker...


Kimberly said...

- Loooove the shoes. He'll be stylin'
-I soooo want to know how that casserole turns out b/c I've been wanting to make it too.
-Did you guys go to Riviera Maya a while back? We changed our plans from Puerto Rico to Adventure Spa Palace and for some reason I was thinking that you had been there. I'm soooo jealous that you get to go in October and i have to wait until December!

Janice said...

Can I come to the Mayan Riviera with you guys??? That place looks beautiful!!! Glad you like the Pioneer Woman - she's just too funny, not to mention her giveaways are awesome. I think I might just make that Chicken Spaghetti sometime.

Alicia said...

Love the Pumas! Funny, I had a pair just like them in high school. And I'm SOOO jealous of your trip to that amazing, sprawling resort. I've been obsessed with the Travel Channel and just want to go somewhere cool like that but, alas, the piggy banks are empty. I'm going to have to start reading this Pioneer Woman blog. Apparently, I'm the only on who isn't! I have a friend who actually has Pioneer Woman potlucks just so they can try all of her recipes.

Paula said...

I have loved all the recipes from her website. I agree..I hate doing what all the cool kids are doing but her site is just too funny. I cannot stop reading it.
I love the shoes.
Glad to hear the potty training has been going fairly well. We have been dabbling with it with Lydia b/c she wanted to sit on the potty so badly. She will go 1 and 2 on there but she will not tell me when she needs to go. We have not jumped in with both feet (she still is wearing diapers) but I am hoping this is a good sign it will not be long.

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Love the new shoes! And I nearly peed my pants at "it just fell out!" I'm sure it wasn't funny for you, but it was hysterical to read it in print! I'm so jealous of your Mayan Riviera trip, so have lots of fun for me!!! I'll be in knee-deep in football season by then, and I could probably use a vacation to work off some of the tension!

Angela said...

Some day your kid is going to read this and be all, "Mom! How could you put that on your BLOG!"

I adore Pioneer Woman. I've made several dishes from her site and they've all turned out really well ... her pot roast is a favorite, and the "flashback 1987" bacon appetizers ... sooooooooooo unhealthy, but so very, very delicious.

Shana-Lynn said...

Wow, those shoes are adorable! How did your dinner turn out, it looks really good?

I am so jealous of your vacation! It sounds amazing.