Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten More

1. Jonathan had his first day in the Preschool room today and he did great! He got a bit upset when he saw Darla, his two year old teacher whom he has been with for the last fourteen months, but he was totally OK besides that. I feel the same way when I think about leaving Darla so I certainly can not blame him!

2. It is amazing how a three year old can attempt to subsist on solely junk food and still look like this:

3. I made these cupcakes for my assistant's birthday a few weeks ago. They continue to make me happy:

4. I got a new computer at work today and it is AWESOME. DVD burner, 22" flat screen monitor, the works. My old computer was operating on Windows 98 and therefore would not do the network update required for our new security software. This gave my boss no other option than to replace it. It is so nice to have moved away from the ghetto-ness that was my old desktop.

5. We are traveling to Champaign, Illinois this weekend for my MIL's sister's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. I am wondering how the three of us in one hotel room is going to work--I do not see any way that Jonathan's normal eight o'clock bedtime is happening.

6. This is how the deliciousness that was The Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti turned out last week. It was fabulous:

7. I need to fix more dinners like this because it allowed us to all eat together. We do not get home most nights until around six. Since Jonathan goes to bed at eight, there is not a lot of time for cooking dinner--we feed him early; Bryan and I eat later, after he goes to bed. We all enjoyed the chicken spaghetti, though, and, since I got it ready to bake the night before, it was a cinch to pop it in the oven when I got home for work:

8. Bryan and I went out with friends Saturday night and I overindulged on wine. It took me two days to recover.

9. Participating in this activity the day after said wine indulgence was not a good choice:

10. While talking to a co-worker today about the fact that women's gymnastics is on television tonight (YES!), I mentioned that I was never able to do a cartwheel. I thought I was an odd ball on that one, but she told me she was never able to do one either. WHEW--it made me feel so much better about my uncoordinated self!


Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

2. He is such a skinny little guy! I swear, I almost can't even see his waist!

3. Those cupcakes are the cutest! I thought the bug cupcakes were great, but those are really fabulous! I want to make them!

6. Oooooh, it looks delish! Now I have to try it!

8. Been there, done that, puked on the t-shirt.

10. I did a cartwheel on my dad's lush green lawn a couple years ago because it seemed so inviting. I hurt for DAYS after that. I pulled muscles I didn't even know I had.

Kimberly said...

WOW! I think that cupcakes are your calling! Those are adorable!!!

And i'm so glad that P-dub's casserole turned out! I've been wanting to try it.

And as for the wine, it would probably take me a week to recoup! Wine does a number on me!

Kara Lewis said...

Dude, you have TOTALLY got to open up a cupcake store.

Bryan said...

Yes, I do have shorts on in the picture (you just can't see them well) and NO, I do NOT eat dinner without shorts on. Thanks to all who wrote Jennifer privately to express their collective concern. JBF

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

LOVE the cupcakes. You should so open a store. You could be the East Coast version of Sprinkles or whatever the rich people cupcake store in Cali is called.

BTW, I did a cartwheel while pregnant. Granted, I was only about 8 weeks but I'm convinced that's what split my eggs up and caused me to have twins. ;)

Angela said...

Ha! Kory's 14 and he's still that skinny, I swear.

Those might be my favorite cupcakes yet.

I made the chicken spaghetti last week too - it was delicious, although we're still eating the leftovers and I found one chicken bone in mine due to my inexperience at deboning chickens. I also felt guilty about wasting all of the excess broth, so I might try to freeze it or something next time.

Alicia said...

I, too, love cupcakes and they often make me happy- making them and eating them!

I've never been able to do a proper cartwheel either. Oh well. There was a time in my life that I really cared that I couldn't do one. That was a long, long time ago!

I enjoy your top ten lists! I think I'll do one. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I could never do a cartwheel either, and thought that I was the ONLY one!! It consoles me to know that there are at least three of us out there. How weird. -- Sarah C.

Shana-Lynn said...

Your cupcakes look amazing and way too good to eat. You really should start up a little business, it would be a hit.

That casserole looks pretty tempting as well.

Good luck on your travel this weekend, it will be fun.

Janice said...

Well, as much as I tried I was never able to do a cartwheel either. I am the least flexible person in the whole wide world. Just trying to sit Indian style (even just thinking about it) hurts.

You're really making me want to try out the Chicken Spaghetti because it looks soooo good!

And your cupcakes, WOW! If you ever decide to open up a business and ship your cakes I will be the first one to buy!!!!!

Andrea said...

I LOVE the cupcakes! You have such a talent for decorating cakes!

I might have to try that spaghetti- it looks yummy!