Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

The Fourth of July this year was super rainy. Unfortunately for us, that is the day for which we had Day Out with Thomas tickets. It was at the Kentucky Railway Museum, a soggy hour's drive away. Jonathan didn't seem as into it as last year but I think that was mostly the weather as it really put a damper on things (ha, ha!). Anyway, it was definitely not a picture-inspiring event--I literally took one picture.

Later in the day, the weather cleared up. We went to Joe and Cindy's house for a little cookout. The rain stopped long enough for the kiddos to do some sparklers. As promised, here are more of Cindy's fabulous pictures. Jonathan thought it was cool to be so close to fire but he was not overly fond of the odor put off by the fireworks:

After the kids used up all the sparklers, Jonathan moved on to bubbles. He is really into bubbles right now and has become quite the pro:

Maybe next year he will physically be able to stay up late enough to see fireworks since that is my favorite part about the Fourth!


Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

I love the one where he's getting ready to blow the bubbles! You can tell that he's taking the biggest breath of his life!

Shana-Lynn said...

I love the two with the bubbles!

I think next year Jonathan needs to hang out with Aubree, she'll show him how to party it up until the fireworks :-)

Alicia said...

The rain is such a bummer, especially on the 4th. At least he got to do a few sparklers. I love the pic of him holding his nose. Cute!

Janice said...

Yeah, this was the first time the kids stayed late to watch the fireworks and they weren't really too impressed, lol. I love the one of Jonathan blowing bubbles.

And can I just say I loooooooooooove the new blog look!!!!!!

Andrea said...

It has been far too long since I have had time to pop over here and catch up! I love the new look, and Jonathan is adorable as ever! I promise not to be a stranger for so long this time!