Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday--2008 Year End Edition

1. Arthur had an abscessed anal gland last week. He was really good on our trip to WV and now we know why. I had to wipe his behind Saturday night. Ick.

2. I received some really great Christmas gifts this year but these are two of my favorites. Thank you wonderful husband!

3. I am totally addicted to spinning. I would go every day if I had time. In fact, when Jonathan goes to WV again for a visit with my parents, I think that I WILL go every day. I can't explain it, I just love it. The new shoes and the Sigg water bottle make it that much better. I may venture into outdoor cycling come spring but I'm not sure if it will be as much fun when I'll have to face the elements.

4. One of the presents I received this year was this. In fact, I received two. Odd.

5. Jonathan received a gigantic fire truck, among approximately one million other things, from my sister this year. It shoots water because a remote control and sirens are not enough. Despite the fact that the package said it was for ages five and up, Jonathan is able to operate it like a pro.

6. Jonathan and I go to Walmart every Sunday for our weekly grocery shopping. This week, I almost peed myself in the cereal aisle when he pointed to a box of Fruit Loops and asked if he could have some "hoop-a-loops." The kid can say toucan but not Fruit Loops, go figure.

7. Why can I not remember to take my reusable shopping bags in with me during aforementioned trips to Walmart? I bought some super cute ones at Whole Foods, thinking I would put them in the trunk so they would always be with me. But I NEVER get them out of the car. Anyone have any ideas on how to get in the habit?

8. I think my MIL may have an addiction to QVC, an ailment that has not been at all helped by the fact that she was home bound due to a recent outpatient surgery.

9. Jonathan is spending the night at my MIL's tomorrow night and I am SO excited to have a child free New Year's Eve.

10. My birthday is nine days away. Wicked is in town and Bryan and I are going on my birthday. Not as adventurous as skydiving, but a lot less risky!

Happy New Year's to everyone! See you in 2009!


Shana-Lynn said...

Amen on figuring out a way to remember your reusable bags.

Looks like you and Jonathan got some super cool things.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday early!!!

Bryan said...

11. Your husband is still alive and great.

Enough said. JBF

Angela said...

Hey, I have those twistie towel things and I love them.

Glad you guys had a good holiday - hope to see you in '09!

Paula said...

You have a wonderful childless New Years..

Kimberly said...

Happy New Year!!! I saw Wicked in Chicago and it was AWESOME!!! I might have to invest in one of those towel wraps, i've never seen one before.

And I wish I could get into some type of exercise like you! But I HATE working out!

Alicia said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! I haven't bought the reusable bags at Walmart for exactly that reason. Who remembers to use them? I bought one at Ikea and I NEVER remember to take it in.

I think it's awesome that you've become so obsessed with spinning. It's such a healthy obsession! Will got me a Garmin Forerunner, a running shirt and a subscription to Runner's World for Christmas. My favorite gifts, too!

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

I'm late but I ditto you on the shopping bags. I got AWESOME ones from Home Depot (they snap on the sides of your cart!!) and I remember them about 5% of the time.

I also received a Turbie Twist. Pink with dark pink polka dots.

jo said...

first visit to your blog courtesy of Lara.
I hope Arthur is your dog(or cat) not your husband!!!LOL
Cute pic of Jonathan