Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Third Annual Trip to Huber's Orchard and Winery

For the third year running, we made a trip to Huber's Orchard and Winery on Sunday to pick out some pumpkins. This was hands down our best family trip EVER. The weather was perfect, Jonathan was in a fantastic mood and we just had fun--no whining, no crying, none of the general yucky behavior that kids seem to throw at you when you plan a family outing.

Here is the post from last year, for comparison's sake. It even has a picture of Jonathan from his first trip--he was so cute and so amenable to pumpkin patch themed clothing. He's totally outgrown that stage now. **Sigh**

Jonathan was in love with the painted pumpkins. We bought a small one and it came home to live with us. It was super cute until Jonathan decided to paint it himself. Now it's pretty atrocious, but don't tell him that.

Jonathan waited patiently for the tractor to take us out to the pumpkin patch. And yes he is wearing a fall color themed shirt. Hey, a mother of a son has to coordinate with the seasons where she can.

Jonathan got right to work finding the "right" pumpkin. Unlike last year, the pumpkins were in great shape and it was really easy to find some good ones. You can even see me in the second shot. Well, at least in shadow, but I'll still count it as a family picture.

They have this out every year during the pumpkin season and I always forget to take a picture of Jonathan by it. Not this year, though:

We saw a mother sitting on a pumpkin smoking a cigarette while her children frolicked around her. I think this one is more wholesome:

Bryan was able to find a nice "pair":

After we purchased our pumpkins, it was time for treats all around. For Jonathan, Superman ice cream. For Mommy and Daddy, wine and a lovely cheese tray. The third picture in this set totally confirms that I am, in fact, a complete dork:

While we were having our makeshift picnic, a random guy offered to take our picture. Not too shabby.

I got Jonathan's ice cream in a bowl primarily because it was around 85 degrees and I knew it would melt all over him in 2.3 seconds. But after he attacked the cone that the ice cream lady was nice enough to let us have on the side, yet another reason why a bowl was a good choice came to light.

Of course, before we could leave, Jonathan wanted to check out the tractors. This one makes me think maybe he'd like to go live with The Pioneer Woman:

After such a fun time, I was not too surprised to see this on the way home. I'd suspected sleep was on it's way when he stopped talking in the car, a definite rarity.

And then I looked over at Bryan and thought, oh crap, not him too.

And then I had this odd feeling come over me. I knew I shouldn't have had that wine:

OK, just kidding. But this really did happen and it was a nice quiet end to a super fun time!


Paula said...

Whoa..you got hit with some weird comments...anyways...I love the family photo..it must have been in the air. hmmm, wine and cheese, we need a pumpkin patch like that.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Paula, you were right! I've now added the word verification feature, hopefully that will prevent that from happening again! This is the first time I have been spammed like that!

Lara said...

What a fun post! I was cracking up at the sleeping pictures and captions! It's hard to believe how much Jonathan has changed in just a year. (It's also hard to believe that you were searching for pumpkins IN SHORTS! Now tell me there's no global warming!) I love that Random Guy took a family photo for you. One day, when Jonathan is away in college or married, you'll be very glad that Random Guy happened by.

Bryan said...

And STILL no comment about my shirt. Sad. JBF

Angela said...

Great family photo! And ... um ... nice shirt?

What does that even mean?

Alicia said...

Nothin' says autumn like pickin' punkins in shorts and tees! Really? It's that warm there still. We are freezing our tails off in Utah.

What fun you guys have together as a family. Love it!

Shana-Lynn said...

What a fun post! It really sounds like a wonderful family outing. Your pictures are great and the picture of your hubby with the two pumpkins is too funny. I need to get our pictures up from our pumpkin outing last weekend.

Janice said...

You are so funny with your photos and captions! JBF, not sure about your shirt but the word "butt" always "cracked" me up. :P

Kimberly said...

I'm glad you got your comments fixed...what was up with that???

Anywho, wow, a year has made a huge difference! I'd give anything if we had a Huber's around here!