Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten on Tuesday--Mexico Edition

Bryan and I are in the Mayan Riveria for a week and it is AWESOME. As you may recall, we renovated our kitchen earlier this year. Since my Dad and my lovely hubby did the bulk of the work themselves, we saved a TON of money. We could have been more fiscally responsible with our financial windfall, but nothing says happiness like a Caribbean vacation, so here we are!

In honor of my locale, here are ten fantastic things about being in Mexico for a week, particularly when you are staying at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso:

1. All inclusive. Two of the most beautiful words when combined with vacation. There is nothing so happy as being able to eat what you want, drink what you want and not have to worry about paying for it. Yeah, I get that we DID actually pay for it, but that was months ago so now it feels free.

2. Spinning class EVERY day. We joined the Y about two months ago and I am loving some spinning. Later today will be my first experience with Mexican spinning and I am hoping for a hot instructor :)

3. 24 hour room service. If one were so inclined, you could totally live in your room. We do not intend to do that, but I am SO excited about my breakfast being delivered in a few hours!

4. A pillow menu. I need to select something firmer because the pillows on this lovely bed were just a bit too squishy for my taste last night.

5. Butler service. This is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. The resort has butler service and a concierge. Within thirty minutes of stepping into our room, our butler came by to greet us, tell us a bit about the resort and our room and to ask us what we needed. Our room has a mini bar and when, in response to his question about liquor preferences, we said we liked gin and vodka. he told us he could bring big bottles of whatever we wanted. Bryan hugged him and told him we liked wine, too. He brought us our computer cord and internet access information, then we changed into swimwear and wandered around the resort. When we came back, we had this:

I am planning on trying to think of reasons to use the butler. It feels bratty but when will I ever get to do this again?

6. These chairs, the second of which I know Jonathan would just love. Sorry, kiddo, this place is adults only. The first chair just looks perfect for my intended completion of the Twilight books this week.

7. The beach. I love the ocean--I've had some non-oceanside vacation, but I just don't really feel like vacation is complete without sand and ocean.

8. His and her sinks. Bryan and I only have to share a bathroom at home. I am totally looking forward to having my own space. And it's such a pretty little space, too.

9. Bell hop service. Our resort is located on grounds with at least three other resorts. We have access to all of them as well as a shopping area, pool, etc. It is a large place and it seemed a bit daunting until they told us that the bell hops will take us wherever we wanted to go. We haven't tried this out yet, but apparently you just walk outside and they will take you wherever you want, shopping, golf, etc. Oh yes.

10. Last but most importantly, spending time with Bryan. We both work so hard at our jobs and with Jonathan. It's nice to have some time to ourselves just to reconnect. I am SO looking forward to hanging out and spending time together without the pressures of every day life. THAT is what vacation is all about!


Lara said...

Yay for you and Bryan! Have a wonderful time!!!

Paula said...

You have a wonderful time with your hubby! ( I got another compliment on my bag today by the way) Then when you get back, email me the info for this resort..sounds great!

Bryan said...


enough said. JBF

Kimberly said...

You lucky dogs!!! Have fun!

Kara Lewis said...

Oh, wow, am I ever jealous. I'll have to content myself with reading my first Twilight book. ( I broke down and bought my own!)

Shana-Lynn said...

So jealous! Have a WONDERFUL time you two!

Janice said...

Whoo-hoo!!!!!!!! You guys totally deserve the vacay!!! I am so jealous! I wanna be there RIGHT NOW!!!!! :P

Alicia said...

You could paint me green right now because I am JEALOUS!!! That place looks awesome! (I'm considering a trip there now, too. Maybe for our 10 yr anniversary. Better start saving my pennies!) Enjoy yourselves and be safe! And hope you found a pillow that worked for you. ;)