Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ten Tons of Change

As Bryan and I are just two days away from leaving for vacation, we decided to cash in our "change bucket" so as to have some extra spending money. This should have been an easy task as our bank, which is a mere four blocks from my parking garage, has one of those coin-toss things that you pour all the coinage in and it prints out a paper slip that you then give to the teller. Easy, right?

Not so much. So, for starters, I vastly underestimated the weight of the bag of money. You see, my husband, for some reason, actually OWNS a money bag. Last night, he put all of the money into this bag. I noticed it was heavy when I took it to the car this morning but didn't give it too much thought. Jonathan and I took my car for an oil change and then I took him to school. It was around 9:30 am when I lugged the bag of money out of the car and headed to the bank. I thought I might get mugged if I just waltzed down the street carrying a bag-o-cash, so I put it in my purse. I was carrying a good sized black Coach bag and the coins fit into it. Unfortunately, though, it made the bag so heavy that I had to carry it with both hands instead of over my shoulder.

Still undaunted, I began the trek to the bank. By this time, it was over 90 degrees and I was wearing a suit and heels because I had a few traffic cases this morning. I make my way to the bank and even have to take a detour for a closed sidewalk. I finally open the door to the lobby and immediately realized there was a problem--the coin machine was not there. I thought, foolishly, that they had just moved it. But no, they apparently decided they don't need one at that branch anymore. They offered me coin wrappers. I contemplated killing one of the tellers. Eventually, though, I just walked back out, feeling pretty deflated. Then I called my husband, almost in tears as I was now a hot, sweaty mess who had to carry this same darn bag of coins back to the car. And he laughed at me. Not one for sympathy, that guy.

The story ends well, however, as Jonathan and I took the cursed bag to Kroger after work. They have a similar machine that I was all too happy to pay the almost 9 cents per dollar to cash in my change. The happy news is that, even with the fee (the bank would have been free, of course), I walked out with just over $125.00!

Unrelated, but a much more upbeat story, can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Yes, that's right, my miniature of a child has taken a liking to Mommy's shoes. I think it's the perfect idea as this means he can finally be the same height as the other kids in the Twos. Heck, he may even be taller!

Bryan was also in the room as Jonathan happily clicked around the room. He is sure that I am the cause of this new-found love because I let him use Victoria's Secret pink sparkly strawberry flavored lipstick. I say, who cares, he's cute anyway!


Shana-Lynn said...

It is too bad there weren't any cameras following you and the money around because that would have been pretty funny to see. Sorry!

You guys sure know how to save up your coinage man. I am lucky and feel like I have done good if I can roll $10 worth, but over $125!! That is GREAT!

Have a wonderful vacation and take lots and lots of pictures.

And Jonathan in yours shoes is a riot!

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

It's not just him. My son is the epitome of a boy, but he still walks around in Mommy's shoes. He prefers Daddy's but Daddy leaves his downstairs most of the time, so he settles for Mommy's if he can wrestle them from his sister. Just yesterday he was clomping around in a pair of black ballerina flats with a nice little satin bow!

Kimberly said...

Yay for change! We handed rolled almost $700 worth before our wedding! It took hours and hours.

Love the shot of the shoes. Sophie wears Steven's shoes more than mine so I guessed it's reversed in our house!

Have a great time on vacation!

Andrea said...

I can imagine that $125 in change is quite heavy- you poor thing. I probably would have cried when the bank wouldn't do it- but I am overly emotional like that! ;p

Jonathon looks mahvolous in your shoes!