Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Fun

I wanted to post about our Easter weekend last night, but Bryan and I ended up going out for a much needed cocktail so I had to wait until today!

So, happy belated Easter everyone! We had a really nice weekend, even though the weather tried to thwart us. We had an awesome dinner Friday night with our friends from Chicago. Unfortunately, Bryan and I drank WAY too much wine, so waking up to a boisterous J-man Saturday morning was...interesting, to say the least. I had an appointment to get his hair cut, as you all know, on Saturday morning. Although he has had no less than 6 haircuts prior to this one, he was none too pleased. So, no buzz, but I got it cut pretty short and I'm overall pleased. He recovered from the trauma very quickly, however--it is so amazing what a balloon and an safety lollipop can do. Maybe a hellium tank would make a good birthday present??

You can see the cut pretty well in this picture. For some odd reason, my child decided it would be a wonderful idea to put himself rather than his toys in this box. And yes, he is wearing Christmas PJs on Easter. In my defense, it was obnoxiously cold and all his spring PJs have short sleeves at best, so give a mom a break :)

Anyway, we had Bryan's parents and his brother over for Easter for a late lunch. We ate a delicious Honey Baked ham and I made a cake. It was my first attempt at cake decorating and I absolutely could not wait to share it with the family. Unfortunately, only my mother in law seemed excited, but that was OK. My brother in law had to celebrate his 39th birthday, also on Easter with this cake. I'm thrilled with how it turned out, though. Not as good as Alicia's cakes, but maybe one day...

The Easter bunny brought Jonathan a nice selection of gifts. Unfortunately, he really didn't care too much for them, so no pictures. Overall, it was a really nice weekend, but I was a teensy bit happy to get back to work today and actually have some time to myself without the constant call of "MOMMEEEEE"


supermommysquared said...

I think your cake looks great and I am VERY impressed! :)

Janice said...

Jonathan looks good with his new haircut!

And I love that cake! You are so creative! How do you do it all? Working, taking care of Jonathan, and cooking!! You are a Super-Mom!!!

Alicia said...

Well, I can appreciate a good cake and your's is just adorable. Great job! You should be proud.

Not sure if I told you this already but is an awesome website for us cake decorators. Check it out.

Wendy said...

WOW! You are one creative momma! Sounds like you had a good time, minus the headache in the morning with the child. Never pleasant. And they take no pity on you either!!

Kara Lewis said...

Hey, Big Brother didn't block me from your blog! Yay!
I LOVE the lamb cake . . . much better than a cake made of lamb :).