Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: A Photo Montage of Our Latest Exploits

I hate when I get behind on blogging and then I feel like I am SO FAR BEHIND that I will never catch up. We Fantonis have been so busy these past few months, what with Bryan's new job, a Buffett show, a trip to St. Louis and the start of summer. In lieu of continuing NOT to post because of a need to post the backlog of events that are currently stored in Picasa in my computer, here are a few photographic highlights to bring everyone up to speed. Then maybe, just maybe, I can start fresh with photos from this coming weekend's trip to Denver, Colorado.

Yes, I realize that I have made this promise before but I will stick to it this time. Really. Definitely.


Anyway, without further ado...

1. We attended the Pegasus Parade this year (an annual event that is part of the Derby Festival for you non-Louisvillians). Jonathan's favorite part--when a horse took a huge pee right in front of us. I swear, that horse urinated for 15 minutes!!

2. Jonathan recently completed his fourth session of outdoor soccer. We had an amazing coach this season, Chris, who was so great that, although we were going to switch to HYR for soccer in the fall, we will likely stay with the Y for one more season as Chris will be coaching 4-5 year olds again in the fall (Disclaimer here: Bryan coached Jonathan's team last fall and totally rocked it. If I don't say that, it's grounds for divorce).

3. I had an awesome Mother's Day. I received this lens as a gift and I love it. We went to Huber's again for Mother's Day and it was lovely. I like that this is becoming a tradition. I took the new lens along with me and this is now one of my current favorite non-Jonathan themed pictures:

Oh, and this one. I love wine almost as much as ice cream. Or maybe more, depending on what sort of day I've had.

4. Also over Mother's Day weekend, we added to our family. Meet Pearl. She is an itty-bitty kitten but she is a spit fire. The vet tech at the animal clinic was so right when she told me that male cats were more chill.

5. There were a few days in there where I thought we'd made a mistake--a lot of meowing on Pearl's part and a lot of hissing on Albert's behalf. It took about a week but things are definitely better now.

6. In May, we took Jonathan on a trip to St. Louis to visit Uncle John (Bryan's uncle). We visited the St. Louis arch which was nothing short of awesome. Jonathan loved it as much as I did. Bryan had been in the arch before; he did really well considering that he is deathly frightened of heights.

7. While we were in St. Louis, we also went to a St. Louis Cardinals game. It was my first (and Jonathan's first) professional sporting event ever. It was really hot but a lot of fun. Jonathan came home with a hat, a shirt, a claw, a pen, a baseball and a stomach full of cotton candy and peanuts. This only cost 1.4 bazillion dollars but it was totally worth it :)

8. Also in May, Bryan and I attended a Buffett concert in Indianapolis with some of our close friends. The weather was horrid but the show was fantastic, as always.

Note to Jimmy Buffett--please never stop touring or my summer will be void of meaning. Thanks. Love, Jennifer.

9. Last weekend, we visited Squire Boone Caverns in Indiana. It was a nice day trip and good times were had by all but for the injury I sustained when I fell on the slippery metal steps that descend into the caverns. Not exactly how I intended to get a bit of color on my legs.

10. This week marked the second week of summer camp at Jonathan's school. The theme--pirates. How I love the faux beard.


Paula said...

great way to catch up, loved all the pics

Angela said...

I LOVE that lens. I borrowed Chip's a couple of times and liked it so much I ordered one for myself.

Kimberly said...

I love the arch and the the pod like contraption you ride to the top! And yeah for the 50mm! That lens hasn't been off my camera in going on 3 years!

Angie said...

Great catch-up!

We went to St Louis right after Easter, and Glenn loved the Arch, too.