Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movin' On Up

Jonathan finally outgrew his Little Tikes Roadster toddler bed. Bryan and I had been in discussions about whether to buy a new bed or just a frame or whatnot when my mother came to visit and suggested that we just cut the legs off the full-sized bed that was already in his room. Bryan busted out the saw and, voila, a "new" bed.

Jonathan and I immediately set to work finding new bedding. His initial suggestion was Spongebob. I know, shocking. I immediately nixed that idea and offered up my first pick, pirates. We eventually reached a compromise and chose this set.

I ordered everything this weekend and, thanks to Target and their super fast (and may I add FREE) shipping, it arrived today. Jonathan is thrilled with the new bedding and I am happy that it is not a licensed character. Life is all about compromise, right?

Why does he look like he's taking a poo rather than the pretend sleeping as I requested?

Oddly, this is much how I sleep at night. Seriously. I wonder if this sort of thing can be inherited?


Bryan said...

2nd picture = Jennifer sleeping EVERY night. No doubt genetics pushed that trait right to the top of the batch. JBF

Paula said...

love the bedding, great compromise..we are looking into bedding options for lydia..not sure what we are doing yet but i will not buying princess bedding!

Alicia said...

Super cute "sleeping" shot and love the space-y set. Congrats on dodging the character sets. My kids watch Spongebob incessantly but I'll be danged if I'll use him in bedroom decor! :)