Sunday, November 8, 2009


For the third year running, we trick-or-treated this year with our good friends, the Effingers. As always, our children had a blast hanging out and the weather was perfect for the festivities. As an added bonus, the Effingers' live in a neighborhood that strongly favors chocolate and as an even better bonus, Cindy took charge of the pictures so our photo memories are 110% better than they would have been had I been left to my measly point and shoot.

Before heading out, the kids decorated cupcakes. I found a great deal on a pirate themed set at Michaels, complete with edible images and watercolors to paint on the designs.

Despite the fact that endless whining typically occurs when I ask Jonathan to get dressed on a day to day basis, the prospect of putting on his Halloween costume magically cured him of his professed inability to dress himself:

My youngest sister, Melissa, sent Jonathan a huge box of Halloween-related gifts the week before Halloween. Included in the loot were multi-colored teeth. All three children LOVED them. Us parents did not so much love the immense amount of saliva that accompanied them. Ick.

My handsome fireman. If his career goal stays the same, he may actually dress like this for real one day:


Bryan said...

Those were fake teeth? Hell, I didn't let those kids out of my sight the rest of the night for fear they would gnaw off one of my limbs. I feel so foolish. JBF

Alicia said...

Cutest fireman! Looks like you guys had fun. I really need to get blogging again to. I just need to get it on my to-do list!

Angie said...

Cutest fireman EVER.

Paula said...

very cute fireman..funny about the getting dresses thing..lydia ability to dress herself varies based on what she is wearing as well!!