Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wee Ball

I've felt less than inspired lately, thus the lack of blog posts. I've been on the computer doing other things--swimsuit shopping, Facebooking, working on Jonathan's fall/winter wardrobe (it is actually finished, but for a new coat, shoes and socks. And yes, I know that it's only July). I've had some pictures of our first Wee Ball game on my memory card for a few weeks now. I want to post about Jonathan's birthday and share the super good pictures my friend Cindy took of Jonathan, but my mild OCD requires that I do things in order, so I can't just skip the Wee Ball pictures and go on with it. So without further ado...

Jonathan liked spring soccer so much that we decided to sign him up for Wee Ball through the YMCA. It's just like T ball but they use a foam bat and tennis balls. Bryan is the coach and our friend Doug is the assistant coach. Every kid hits a home run and when one kid hits, a bunch of tennis balls are thrown out onto the field (or else there will be a pig pile of three year old children. Sometimes there still is). Thank goodness there are only two innings because it may possibly be the most boring sport EVER.

Jonathan is a huge fan of fielding. He's not so much a fan of the Spongebob glove that Cindy gave him. Perhaps that phase is waning and, believe me, not a moment too soon.

Shoot, never mind; he read my thoughts. Again. I will never rid my home of the yellow sponge and his irritating pointy pink friend.

Jonathan's first home run. Seriously, would it kill the YMCA to spring for some toddler sized shirts? I think I could wear this one.

There are eight little boys on our team. Morgan is the son of our friends, Doug and Kelley. Kelley and I were quite pleased when they made friends pretty immediately; they had only been around each other twice prior to Wee Ball season. It's funny how they seemed to know they should be friends.

How cute is this? I am loving that Jonathan is in a place right now where he's making friends.

Stay tuned for birthday pics!


Bryan said...

Third picture down is me encouraging Jonathan NOT screaming at him as some might think. Just in case there was a concern.

Angie said...

Love them!

Neurotic Atty said...

Must. Have. SpongeBob. Mitt. Love the pics!

Shana-Lynn said...

Gosh, those shirts are HUGE on the 3 year olds.

What a cute post. Thanks for sharing.

Janice said...

Looks like Jonathan is having a serious conversation with his friend - too cute!

Love the SpongeBob glove!! The kids are all about SpongeBob these days even though I know it's a little too old for them. But it's either that or Dora which I am not a big fan of.