Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures that Make Me Smile

Jonathan is in WV again this week and, although it's nice to pretend to be my pre-mother self for a bit, I miss him and am ready for him to come home. I was looking through pictures tonight and found a few from a Sunday afternoon kids festival we attended a few weeks ago.

Jonathan in a rainbow-y cage. Well, not really, it was an inflatable, but every time I take a picture of him in one, it reminds me of Arthur in his kennel:

Jonathan with a fire truck. Just before this picture, he got to go inside the truck which was super cool, even to me. Now both of us want to be firemen when we grow up.

And this one, with the random inflatable horses. I have never seen those before but now secretly covet them. Why?


Angie said...

I've never seen the horses before, but I want one, too...

Glenn got a band aid put on by a real fireman this past Saturday in Lexington. That made the booboo a bit easier to bear. What is it about firemen?

Paula said...

I just sent Lydia to my parents for the night. I am enjoying my Parrot Bay on the porch..I am going to miss our snuggle time..

Janice said...

Jonathan always has such a great smile whenever you take a picture of him! I especially loved his first day of the new school photo. Glad the transition went well for him.

By the way, I've never seen an inflatable horse either but it looks pretty cool.