Monday, June 15, 2009

Camp Out--Lewis Style

As my friend Kara posted much more contemporaneously with the actual event, we went camping with her and her husband, Todd, a few weekends ago. Todd is an actual Eagle Scout so he's obviously out-doorsy. And for Kara, I think camping was more of an acquired taste but now she's got it down to a science now and it's definitely something they both enjoy. And they are so darn cute while doing it!

We were lucky enough to score ourselves an invite to camp out with them in Jefferson Memorial Forest. As it was Jonathan's first camping out experience, we thought it would be best to plan on just one night. Kara and Todd went for the whole weekend, though, so when we got there, everything was already set up. Sort of like a hotel but outside and stuff.

Todd knew the way to a three year old's heart--a hammock:

Jonathan asked approximately 1,457,652 times when we could do "fireplace" so we finally gave in. This was Jonathan's favorite part of the experience.

Well, favorite after this. I think he had to go a thousand times after I told him he could use a tree rather than the port-a-potty down the road.

Of course, we had to make s'mores. Jonathan LOVED being able to put actual food in the fire. And when he finished eating marshmallows, he just used the stick. Good times.

It got a bit colder that night than we'd thought it would, but besides that, it was a perfect trip. Jonathan and I cuddled up in our sleeping bags and slept like babies. Bryan decided to stay up and chat with Todd for a bit. When he finally decided to go to bed, we'd taken up the entire air mattress, leaving him with the ground. Which was covered with pebbles. I suspect that was not the best night's sleep he's ever had.

Thanks for letting us tag along, Kara and Todd! PLEASE let us come with you again!


Paula said...

looks fun..we are going for father's day i believe!

Bryan said...

How'd my ass end up on that kid? That is one proud Mother/Son moment. I can barely contain the plans I have for this picture as 1) my son grows older and 2) my wife continues to assert that she doesn't "dote" over him.

Plans plans plans. JBF

Angela said...

That looks like a great time! I LOVE the pictures, and I weep for your child's future :)

Angie said...

Fair warning - my nephew tried to pee on a tree every time he went outside for months after his Dad let him do that...

Kimberly said...

How fun! I'd love to take sophie camping. Does he want to do it again??