Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camp Out--Grams and Grandpa Style

During his last trip to WV, Jonathan went camping with my parents, grandparents and my youngest sister and her husband. It was a bit different than the tent camping we did with the Lewises. In fact, it was a LOT different. While our trip was in the forest, theirs was in a campground. Where we slept in sleeping bags on an air mattress (or on rocks, in Bryan's case), they slept in beds in a RV. That's just how my Mom rolls.

My Dad and Jonathan with the Mothman. While I am proud of my father for rockin' killer guns at 52 years old, what's up with the house slippers outdoors?

While the statue apparently depicts the Mothman as seen in the 1960s, a more recent sighting indicates that the Mothman has changed his look a bit over the years:

Jonathan loves to fish, which pleases my father to no end. The poor man could not be more of a "man's man", but he had three daughters. A waste really. If anyone deserved a grandson, it was my dad and he's tickled pink. Well, not pink so much as that's not masculine enough for him. Regardless, until this trip, Jonathan had only ever caught a bluegill or two. This trip, however, he managed to hook a bass. Like a true fisherman, the fish grew in size with each telling of the story, but it actually looked like this:

I'm pretty sure my dad told me that Kenneth, my brother in law, caught his fish using the head off one of Jonathan's blue gills. This picture makes me laugh because only my mother would dress a child in Gymboree to go fishing. Well, except for me. And maybe Janie and Jack too but whatever, we're talking about my mother here...

Here is Jonathan looking completely stumped:

There was a playground located on the camp grounds. Luckily, it was close to their camp site as Jonathan apparently spent alot of time doing this:

My mom let Jonathan use her camera to take some pictures. She still uses a camera WITH FILM and Jonathan had a bit of trouble understanding why he couldn't see the picture right after he took it. Here are a few of his pictures; I wanted to include them because I don't have many photos of my family since they pretty much all live in WV.

This is my Papaw, my dad's dad. He's stubborn as an ox and has a tattoo of a topless hula dancer on his forearm (which, although no doubt a choice he came to regret, brought no end of amusement to my other sister Laura when we were kids. Heck, she STILL gets a kick out of it!). He's a great man through and through; he loves his family fiercely and spoils his grandchildren (and now great grandchild) rotten.

And here is my Mamaw (my dad's mother) and my own mother. Mamaw is the cutest little thing and is feisty as all get out. If you're her family, she'll be your number one supporter. Jonathan is super lucky to have an intact set of great grandparents.

Jonathan had such a great time on the camping trip that he would hardly talk to me on the phone the two and a half days they were there. While I am happy that he is independent, couldn't he at least PRETEND to miss me? Geez.


Neurotic Atty said...

That is so sweet! I'm sure your family was over the moon to have a little Jonathan time. It worked out for you and Bryan, too. I don't get the feeling Jonathan would've enjoyed the Woodford Reserve tour.

I love Jonathan's pictures, and I love it that he didn't understand the film camera. What a sign of the times!

Angie said...

Some guys have all the luck! How much great stuff does it say about your family that he has so much fun with them, when you're not there?

Bryan said...

I've got guns!


Kimberly said...

I bet he was having the time of his life!!!!

Janice said...

Hi Jennifer! Sorry I haven't been reading too many blogs lately. I've missed reading all your funny anecdotes! I just love how proud Jonathan looks holding his catch with his Grandpa! Glad he had a great time.

Oh, and Jonathan's soccer pics are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!