Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's Ten


2. Jonathan requested to listen to "the Jackson song" this morning. Johnny Cash was a vast morning commute improvement over The Best of Spongebob CD that has been playing in my car for the last week. This song, though, is awesome.

3. Despite the overall disastrous results of fall soccer, Bryan and I have signed Jonathan up for spring soccer. I, for one, am not a glutton for punishment, so this can be quality Daddy/son time.

4. One of my sisters is competing with the other one to see who can send Jonathan the most stuff. Now every day when we get home, Jonathan runs to the front porch to see if there is a box there and is very disappointed if there is nothing.

5. I am sure that I do not want more children, as was confirmed by the fact that I felt no sadness in Ebaying/consigning a huge amount of Jonathan's baby items over the past few weeks.

6. Jonathan, my MIL and I are attending Elmo Makes Music on Saturday. It DOES make me sad that Jonathan has really outgrown Elmo and so this will likely be the last time I attend Sesame Street Live.

7. My assistant at work is filling in for another girl who is on vacation this week, meaning that my work is being done by others in the office. They are doing a perfectly good job, but I am a bit OCD and extremely particular about my stuff so I do not like the change.

8. I want someone to clean my house. Not everything, just dusting and the bathroom, mostly. Bryan has nixed this idea, but I wonder how long it would take him to realize that the dust was gone.

9. I bought these jeans last week and have worn them twice. They are seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever placed on my body. I want to go back and buy two more pairs but I need to wait until I can use my 20% off coupon next month.

10. Oh, and did I say GO CARDS??


Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

I cannot share the Go Cards...well, at least past the Final 4, I have them going that far....

As for baby clothes and stuff...I have approximately 2 outfits left of each of my kiddos; I consigned EVERYTHING, from the highchairs to the carseats, and just sold the double stroller last summer.

Lara said...

I just hope the Cards (and Pitt for that matter) were playing DOWN to their competition last week. The Big East must get its act together! I have 3 of us in the Final Four, and I have the Cards going to the final game!

I love AT jeans. I'll have to try those!

Paula said...

hmmm, I have been on a search for new jeans, Gap changed my Long and Leans, then I found am American Eagle pair that I loved. When I went last week to buy a smaller size (yea!) of course, they don't make them anymore..ARG. I will have to give those a try..

Alicia said...

I've gotten rid of all the baby stuff here, too. Every season I take everything Cooper has outgrown and give it to the neighbor for her little one. Bitter sweet, I know.

Cute jeans! I bet they look so cute on you! And since I have no one else to root for- GO CARDS!

Janice said...

Those Ann Taylor jeans look really cute. I would try them out but our Ann Taylor store is an hour away and I cannot buy a pair online unless I've physically tried them on.

I also want someone to clean my house. But then that would also mean that I would have to clean my house first before the cleaning lady comes and I am just too lazy.