Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for Ten

1. Mr. Jonathan's Mommy and I are running a 5K on Saturday. We walked one in December but this time we are running and I am SO EXCITED!

2. Our house was starting to be taken over by outgrown children's clothing, causing me to go into ar consignment/Ebay organization frenzy. It is a lot of work but I am hoping it pays off!

3. Jonathan has a disproportionate number of 12-18 month sized outgrown clothing. I don't remember him being that size for a really long time but maybe he was.

4. Jonathan has taken to getting up really early, as in before seven a.m., so Bryan decided to put a timer on the lamp in his room. We've told him that he can not call for us until the light comes on (it's set for just after seven). Despite the fact that I KNOW he understands this concept, he has, alternately, started screaming that the light is not on and/or that he is hungry. This resulted in termination of television privileges this morning; I hope that cures him.

5. My son has a new addiction. I am at a new motherhood low:

6. Yesterday in the mail, I received a 25% coupon off any regularly priced item at Coach. I want this. Think Bryan would notice??

7. I am not happy about the fact that my mother is not supportive of our decision to wait until 2011 to send Jonathan to kindergarten. I know it's not her decision but I still wish that she would agree.

8. Jonathan was accepted to the preschool program I wanted him enrolled in for the fall. It's a lot more structure than his current preschool environment and I'm so relieved to know he will be going there. It doesn't hurt that is also costs a few hundred dollars less a month.

9. I wish that people would stop walking around the Y locker room without a stitch of clothing on. There are towels there for a reason and no one needs to see your business flopping around.

10. I have a conference call in twenty minutes that will surely drag on the remainder of the workday. Ugh.


Bryan said...

Uhhhhh YEAH! 25% off of $698 is still a RIDICULOUS amount of imaginary for a purse. However, to be fair, if I'm allowed to spend $521.25 of imaginary money on anything I want, Go for it!! I'll get us a babysitter and tickets to Vegas this evening. Luck be a lady tonight!!!! jbf

Word Verfication - santerse?

Bryan said...

On second thought, get the purse . . . BLACKJACK!!!

Anonymous said...

So when I used to go to Lifetime Fitness by my old office, there were always (typically younger)women in the locker room who would either be wearing nothing or something that looked like the swankier stuff from VS, fixing their hair and makeup, sure, but spending a lot of time literally staring at themselves in the mirrors and sometimes just strutting around the locker room for no apparent reason. What? Why?? So I know what you mean about the locker room at the Y -- Made me laugh! Good luck on your 5k this weekend! ---- Sarah C.

becky said...

You and me both on #5...I'm blaming the grandparents!

Lara said...

B., a Coach purse is an investment. It will last FOREVER because your lovely wife will love it and care for it as if it were her own hand. Besides, if she runs a 5K, doesn't she DESERVE a new purse?

J., Leslie has trouble with Lily's early mornings, too. Like Jonathan, she will stay in her room until Leslie goes in to get her (as instructed), but calls out for Leslie constantly.

And I sooooo hear you on the locker room thing. My other favorite, when they'll tie a towel around their waist, but not their jiggly bits. COVER IT ALL! I don't want to see any of it!

Bryan said...

New Favorite thing to teach Jonathan...

Jiggly bits!!!


Word Verfication - imsicks

Angie said...

Good luck on the 5k!! (You gonna do the mini, too?)

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Angie--no way on the mini, at least not this year! But yes, it's a goal for the future!

Shana-Lynn said...

Yay on the new preschool!!!

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Good luck on the 5K! You are way more woman than I am.

My kids have been getting out of bed about 4 am lately. Is taping them down considered abuse? Think they'll tell on me?

Kimberly said...

oooo....that purse is sweet! And go you with the 5K!!! I'd love to do one, but i couldn't run a 1/2K!

Andrea said...

I hope that Daylight Savings has helped a little with #4!

If you ever come to Columbus- let me know- we would love to meet up with you at COSI!

Janice said...

I hope your 5K run went well!

If it makes you feel any better, Cameron is obsessed with the cartoon "Olivia" - so much so that he insists on being called that name. ESPECIALLY in public.

Why can I not stop laughing when I say the word, "jiggly buts"?

Janice said...

Sorry, I just noticed my typo. Correction: "Jiggly BITS" :P .