Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Preparation

This is what happens when Jonathan and Daddy put lights on a Christmas tree. I suppose this is one way to keep them from getting tangled:

And THIS is what happens when Daddy gets bored with the lights and decides to play with the camera:

In light of Andrea's recent post regarding trying to find the Christmas spirit, I have a few examples of my own to add after a weekend of Christmas shopping. First, thank you to the lady at Kohl's who very patiently walked behind us as Jonathan dawdled and wanted to look at every item in the store on our way to the cash register. Second, thank you to the very nice Target employee who pulled out numerous red plastic carts, trying to find one that was dry for Jonathan to sit in. Both of these folks made my miserably cold and rainy shopping experience a lot better!


Shana-Lynn said... how daddy and Jonathan decorate!

Andrea said...

It seems like each year it is harder for me to find the spirit of Christmas. Thanks for the reminder to look at the little things.

Janice said...

Ditto what Andrea said. This year has been really hard for me to find the spirit of Christmas. Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder! :-)

Hope you, Brian and Jonathan enjoy your Christmas!!