Friday, October 19, 2007

Admitting the Problem is the First Step

I have not blogged in FOREVER, mostly because this week has been pretty ordinary. Jonathan is home from WV--he had a great trip and Bryan and I got to spend some time together. Bryan was sick this week with strep throat but, happily, he is on the mend. We are going to Huber's Farm tomorrow in Starlight, Indiana to pick a pumpkin, so I should have some good pictures to post this weekend.

Until then, I must share my current obsession, if you will. I think I have a bit of OCD in that I must have order in most aspects of my life. For example, at work, I must do everything in the order it arrives, the first in, first out approach for my fellow Economics majors out there. If I must do something out of order because the nature of the problem warrants it, I CAN do it but I really don't like it.

It is really not too much of an issue except for when the OCD turns to objects. Like when I was pregnant with Jonathan, I became completely obsessed over what stroller we were going to get for him. I read every book and consumer report I could find, scoured every online review and wandered the baby supply stores all over Louisville to make sure I found the "perfect" stroller. Why this was so important to me, I have no idea, but I would actually wake up in the middle of the night and go online to to make sure nothing new was available that would sway me from my decision. It was truly sad.

It has been a while since that time, but I am currently obsessed with the following:

I would like to blame Kim for this as she posted a while ago about the increcible Christmas gift she found at Costco for precious little Sophie, but honestly, it was bound to happen again sooner than later. I spotted this at Costco about a month ago and I have thought about it every day and about how much Jonathan would love if Santa brought it for Christmas.

This morning, I was in the shower and started thinking about the train table again. That is when I decided that I needed to take action so I could stop the train-table-shower-fantasy craziness. I am anticipating some resistance from Mr. Jonathan's Mommy, so I am trying to get my plan of attack in order. First, I researced the price to make sure that it was good. Then I learned that the set is compatible with Thomas products (definitely an added bonus). Then I ascertained that, if I move the changing table out of Jonathan's room (he is entirely too big for it now anyway), it would totally work in our house. Add to that the fact that my parents are willing to go in on it with us and the fact that we have not bought him a lot for the last two Christmases due to my whole family buying Jonathan the equivalent of a toy store for each holiday and I am hoping that Mr. Mommmy will be so wowed by my logic that he will run right out and purchase said table at Costco this weekend before they are all gone.

If everyone could keep their fingers crossed on this for me, I would greatly appreciate it...


Bryan said...

You have GOT to be kidding. Now I know where the comments such as "Isn't Jonathan getting too big for the changing table" are coming from. Crazy crazy wife, but thats why I love her. JBF aka Mr. Mommy (?) aka Bryan

Probably on my way to Costco by the time you're reading this. Grrr. JBF

Janice said...

That's a cool train table!!! Cameron loves his (it's something similar), and Ava does too although she's more inclined to climb on top of it. Jonathan is going to love it!!! I bet it's a better deal than the Thomas train tables out there (have you seen how much those cost? Ridiculous!)

Wendy said...

So, were you on your way to Costco. Somehow us wives have a way of doind that to the Mr. Moms. We were given a special talent for this. But, if it comforts you at all, it looks like a great set??

Kimberly said...

Well that looks fabulous! ANd I know that my nephews LOVE their train table! Better pick that baby up before they sell out!

Kara said...

I'm with you on this one . . . actually, I think Todd might like such a Christmas present.