Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Budding Photographer

So some of you out there are learning how to use your fancy-schmancy Canon Rebels. Well, apparently y'all need to take a photography lesson from my son, who, as you will see below, is obviously a prodigy...

Bryan and I giving Jonathan his medicine:

Jonathan's self portrait (one of many):

A scary photo, hopefully not a preview into the sure to be teenage angst years:

And a picture of our older chihuahua, Alice. She, for some reason, is one of Jonathan's favorite subjects:

Bryan and I have had entirely too much fun looking at his pictures, so much so that we are going to take a collection of the "best" ones and make them into one of those photo books. So watch out everyone if you are our our Christmas list this year!!!


Janice said...

Sign me up for some photog lessons with Jonathan!!! These are so cute!!!!!!

I can't wait to see what other pictures he takes next!

Shana-Lynn said...

OMG, these are great! Maybe he'll be able to teach me a thing or two when (/:-)) I get my new camera!!

Janice said...

Hey, Jen do you have a bloggers e-mail? I wanted to send you something. Here's mine:

elevenmonthsapart at hotmail dot com


Kimberly said...

Wow not to shabby for a 2 year old! You just might have a famous photographer on your hands. And I know what Janice has for you and you are gonna like it so email her!!

Angela said...

Jonathan is obviously a prodigy. Next year you'll have to get HIM a Canon Rebel. ;)

I love the new look! And the slide show Bryan put together is so very sweet. I teared up a little too.